Jessie Klassen


"When we learn to see the world through the eyes of Nature, we have seen the world through the eyes of a child"

Nature is waiting...
to open our hearts to the voice of our inner child
Welcome, and many blessings to you.  My name is Jessie Klassen, and I am both honoured and grateful to be here with you today.
As a farmer, mother, and author, I live my life close to nature.
I have been inspired to share my life, my story, and my experiences in practical, easy to apply advice and exercises to help you reconnect with your own wild nature and improve your life.
There has never been a more critical time for us to remember our connection to our earth.
This knowledge is already within us...
within our hearts.
We must simply allow it to awaken.

Life becomes magical

As we engage with Nature, we soon realize that it becomes an exchange of love.
Nature has a voice for those who are listening,
and when we honour her voice, our hearts open to her many gifts.
We become filled with a sense of calm and purpose
We find ourselves smiling and laughing more often, in awe of the simple things and the beauty of life
Our hearts heal, and our relationships with others are transformed
We become more patient and understanding partners and parents
We experience compassion for all living beings and raise kind and environmentally responsible children
Our health improves as we become more in tune with our bodies 
an abundance of joy and bliss flows from within us
The Earth is Our Mother, we are her Children
Awaken the Nature Child in you

as a whole new world comes to life before our eyes

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