Jessie Klassen

Born from a long line of nature lovers, Jessie grew up near the peaceful village of Tenby, Manitoba, Canada, with her 2 siblings on her parents farm.

Running barefoot in the pasture, rafting on the pond, taught to grow a garden and work alongside her parents with their cattle, Jessie developed a deep connection with the earth from living off the land and learned many lessons about the balance of life.

In adulthood, Jessie has heard the call to inspire humanity to rediscover the magic that is all around us.

As the mother of 3 sensitive children and an empath herself, Jessie has committed to raising her children in a spiritually open and accepting environment, close to nature.

She writes regular articles for various newsletters, as well as poetry and fiction.

Her children's book, "The Sapling" will be released in late 2017, honouring the lessons that the trees have to share.  A portion of proceeds will be donated towards the TreeSisters and the Nature Conservancy of Canada for reforestation and conservation of our earth.

Jessie still resides on her family's farm with her husband Mike, and their 3 children, Summer, Shepard, and Huckleberry.

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