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How the Moon Shifts Us

February 12, 2017

 This was my view of the full moon that occurred on Friday night as I was doing my 9 pm check of my cattle.


To the Native Americans, the February full moon was known as the Snow Moon, due to this being the snowiest month.  It was also known as the "Hunger Moon", as the cold and snowy weather made hunting less successful than usual.


Thankfully, for myself, the only thing that I am starving for these days is sleep!


One thing that is for certain, full moons bring change.  For myself, the most noticeable shift that affects me is the change of the weather.  I was looking forward to this full moon as we were just experiencing a harsh winter cold snap, which makes calving much more difficult, as we are constantly watching our newborns and making sure they are placed in the barn before they get chilled.


I was not disappointed, as the weather has warmed up considerably since Friday night.  In Manitoba, it is not unheard of to have a 30 degree swing in temperature, which we just experienced.  All of the cattle are much less hungry and are content to soak up the sunshine rather than eating to stay warm.




One can't help but admire an animal's resilience and ability to adapt to their environment.


As anything that has an affect upon our earth, there is an effect upon us as well.


The moon pulls on us, it shakes us up and reveals what we no longer need so that we can make room for what we do need.


Just as soil needs to be churned for new seeds to sprout, the moon churns us so that our new growth can emerge as well.


I look at the full moon as a time of opportunity and inspiration.  


I try to ask myself, "what is it in my life that I would like to see grow?"


"What would I like to encourage and have come to fruition?"


As the full moon can also be an uncomfortable time and sometimes brings out what would seem like the worst in people, ( i.e. tempers and unusual behaviour), this is simply the "soil churning."  Old or no longer useful behaviours cannot hide from the strength of the moon's pull.  These behaviours will not provide fertile soil for new growth.


So if we keep an objective mind that what is pulled up is ready to be released, and if we are aware enough to let these go, than we can see the full moon for the blessing that it is.


Every month we are given an opportunity for growth and renewal.  Every month we are encouraged to be inspired.


A chance to make a fresh start and refocus our intentions.


May you allow the gifts of the full moon to move you and shift you towards the highest expression of yourself.


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