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Honouring the Soul Purpose of Our Pets

February 28, 2017



Everyone on this Earth is here for a reason.  Everyone here has a purpose, as does everything in Nature.  


Some gift, some contribution to share with the rest of the world.  


This could not be more true than for our pets.


As we share our lives with them, it is important for us to recognize and honour their specific soul purpose and longing for being here.


What is it that they would like to share with the world?  What is their contribution?


Simply paying attention to their personality is usually enough to give us a pretty clear impression of what their soul purpose is.  But we can also tune in to their energy, as well as communicate directly with our pets. 


Meet Sidda.  Sidda has been in my life for almost 12 years now.  She has seen me through my most intense growth periods.


Marriage, babies, divorce, moving, marriage, self-discovery and awareness, parenting, etc, etc.  


Together we have experienced moments of pure joy and happiness, as well as moments of profound grief and frustration.


Sidda is a gentle soul, a true sweetheart who would never harm anyone.


She is what would be known as a nurturer, or a healer.  All of my barn cats surround her regularly for her love and attention, as her energy is so calming.   They also come to her like a nurse to tend to any wounds they may have.   She has also become like a mother to Chubs, my 3 year old Great Pyranese.  Chubs often has runny eyes, and Sidda licks them clean several times a day for him.




Sidda is very loyal to me, and to me alone.  If I am there, she is there.  Although she is very loving to everyone within my family, it is me that she accompanies wherever I go.  We have a special bond that no words can describe.


Through direct communication with her, she has let me know that she is here to take care of me.  She has also expressed concern about who will take care of me when she no longer can.  


Knowing how she feels, I make a great effort to thank her everyday for her genuine love and devotion that she has for my wellbeing.  I also try to make special "alone" time with her, as I know how important it is for the both of us.



Here is Chubs.  What a darling, hey?


Chubs is a protector, or a guardian.  He takes great pride in patrolling the perimeter of our farm and guarding our animals.  He often can be found in the cattle pens, along with my parents' 2 Great Pyranese as well,  which is a great comfort to us considering we still have our friend, the Wolf, hanging around.



Chubs also brings me comfort in protecting my yard from invaders of the human variety who would like to borrow things and not return them :)


He takes his guardian role very seriously regarding my children as well.  Every weekday morning he accompanies my 2 oldest kids out to the road and waits with them there until the school bus arrives.


When I have communicated with Chubs, he has also let me know that he likes to run ahead of my truck when I drive over to the cattle pens to check my cows, so I always try to make sure that I let him stay in the lead!


Not only that, he also prefers my husband to me :)  Must be a "manly" bond!


I make sure to thank Chubs every day for his protection and for the great work that he does.


We are all here for a purpose, and we all like appreciation for our efforts, especially our pets who try so hard to please.


Some may be here for comfort, for protection, healing, or just to be playful and lighten the mood of those around them.


Fortunately, communicating with our pets is easier than you may think.  


This exercise may help...


From a relaxed state, after inhaling and exhaling a few deep breaths, feel your love for your pet in your heart. Take a few moments in this awareness.  Picture them in your mind.  


Now grow this feeling.  Feel this love expand out from you until you are completely surrounded in this love.  You can feel it, or imagine it as a specific colour if you like, such as pink or green.  


Now imagine your pet.  They don't have to be in your presence, as simply thinking of them will connect you.  Imagine their energy, their light, surrounding them.  If they are in your presence, you can place your hand upon them, but as long as the both of you are relaxed.


Sit a moment in this awareness, and then surround them within your love, your energy, and feel their love surround you as well.  You will now be joined together in a bubble, or you can imagine a cord joining you together.


You can ask them a question, or if there is anything that they would like you to know.  Animals are telepathic, so you don't have to speak out loud.  Simply think of your question, and wait patiently for them to reply.  


And when you ask a question, it is probable that your answer will be in the form of pictures, much like a movie, as that is often how they communicate.  But you may also hear their words as well.


For me, Sidda communicates with her voice, which is sweet and lovely like she is.  And for Chubs, he communicates with pictures.  He simply shows me what he is thinking, and it is easy for me to understand him that way.


This is also a beautiful way to tell them how much you appreciate them, or care for them.  Show them in pictures all of the things that they do that you appreciate.


Do not picture what you don't like, as this will confuse them.  Focus on the good or on what behaviour you would like to see.  For example, do not picture them relieving themselves on your carpet, or some other undesirable activity, as they will get the impression that this is what you want them to do!


If it doesn't happen easily the first time, don't worry.  Using our intuition is like a muscle that needs to be worked and practiced.  


Don't over think the process, and usually the first answer that you receive is the correct one.


Patience is important here, as this is a form of communication that animals often don't expect us to use.  They will likely be a little surprised and caught off guard by you!


Most of all, have fun and enjoy honouring your pet for their beautiful purpose here and their shared journey with you!




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