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I Could Really Use Some Magic...

April 11, 2017


I'll admit, by this point in the calving season, my enthusiasm to rush out to the pens is waning.  


The weather has warmed and there are so many other tasks and areas of life that need attention...and other "not so important" tasks that are calling me as well!


I was unusually tired a few days ago on my 6 am check, and wanted more than anything else to just make my rounds, find nothing going on, and go climb back in my bed.


Of course this was not to happen.  I did find something going on.  A tiny heifer that we had been watching closely was starting to calve.  She had been bred on the pasture a year before she should have been, and this meant that her ability to have this baby was likely impossible.


It was decided that a cesarean section performed by a vet would be the best option for both mom and baby.  So the heifer was loaded and my brother in law hauled her into town.


As I went home to wake my kids for school, I was still caught up in my "funk" that I wasn't snapping out of.  Exasperated, I finally just said out loud to Nature,


"I could really use some magic."


It didn't take long for mom and baby to be back.  Mom is too young and small to raise a baby, so she was taken to a pen at my parents so that she could be pampered and watched closely, while baby came to my barn for me to care for.  



This little baby was still wet with the orange fluid that was protecting her within her mother's womb.



So I went and found as many rags as I could and began rubbing her clean.  I tried to mimic with the rags the way that a mother cow lovingly licks her baby after she is born.  

It didn't take long and I could see baby's eyes lighting up as I rubbed the rags all over her body.


And then something else happened.  Something magical.


My awareness was flooded with the sweet innocence of this little soul and her trust in me.


I thought of what this baby had already been through in her young life.  She had been pulled from her warm home within her mother, rode in a noisy trailer, and been placed in my barn, all slimy and wet.  


She had been deprived of the most sacred and tender moment between a mother and her child-that moment when you finally behold your child that you have been carrying and feeling within you for the last 9 months.  That moment when a baby experiences the outside world for the first time and feels how much they are loved.


But as I rubbed her clean, she became aware of the knowing that she was loved.  As far as she was concerned, I was her mother, and I could feel her love for me.  


I fell into the flow of the moment as I paid careful attention to this baby and opened my heart to her.


A part of me longed to hold her the way that I held my own babies.


I decided to call this baby "Robin", as she is as sweet and gentle as a spring robin's song, and a lovely red colour like a robin's breast.


But the magic wasn't over yet, because when I walked back to the house up my front steps, there was "Miss Prissy", my friendliest hen, there to greet me.



I could feel her energetically welcoming me back, (yes I know, I am also amused of the irony of the chicken at the house welcoming the human back from the barn, lol) 

I could actually hear her say, "Hello! I'm so glad you're here."



When I feed Robin, I feel drawn to rest my forehead on hers, as I can feel a deep connection with her when I do this.


I have to say, after these experiences, I felt like a real arsehole for being down in the dumps.  Every moment of my life is magic when I open my awareness to the possibility.



Magic is there for those who believe it is there, as it is our beliefs that create our reality.


I believe it exists, and therefore I experience it.  Not the other way around.


As I have told my children many times, "I am utterly uninterested in living a life without magic."


Of course there are days when it is harder to believe, and this is where I have learned that it is a good idea to simply "ask for some magic." 


Don't say I didn't warn you! 


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