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In Good Company

April 18, 2017

 I often feel more compelled to seek the company of Nature than the company of people. 


With every  step that I place upon the Earth, I feel my Spirit lighten and my Soul nourished and restored.  


The arrival of the first crocus, our first flower to bloom in Manitoba each spring, has always been a celebration for me and my family.   To go for a Nature walk and search for their sunny faces peeking up through the brown grass is a tradition that my mother started when I was little, and one that I carry on with my own children.


But it is a great misunderstanding to say that I am "alone" when I am in Nature.  My grandfather, Martin Klassen Sr., who also was deeply connected to Nature, used to say that he was "in good company" when he was out in the woods.  He was particularly fond of trees.


And even though the spring temperatures are still cool, there is life everywhere.  The frogs have awakened and are singing in the ponds and ditches, the "whooping" of the geese comes drifting on the breeze, and the red-winged blackbirds are calling to one another across the marshes.


It is quite a magical space to be when you are in the presence of  ice melting back to water. To witness transformation and physical evidence right before our eyes that death does not exist.


 I took this photo of my mother's pond a couple of weeks ago.  I felt compelled to sit there for a while as it was so peaceful.  My dogs were happily exploring and my mother's tabby cat, "Tabs" was purring loudly and brushing against me.  To no surprise, I captured a picture of a green Nature orb within the picture.  It is these Nature Spirits that are always there with us.

 I took this picture of a sunset from my front porch, and you will notice at the right hand of the picture another green Nature orb.  It is near my clothes line, which would also help explain why I feel so content and at peace when I am there hanging laundry, with the distant Riding Mountains in my view and the sky all around me.


Nature Spirits come in many forms, but you can be sure that they are always there.  I took this next picture last summer from my tractor when I was raking hay.  It is of a Sylph, which is an air elemental, or an air being, or spirit, whichever you prefer to call them.

 They take shape within the clouds, often as birds or other winged creatures, such as this one.  What I noticed most about this Sylph was how loving their energy felt.  I had been very upset that day, and their presence seemed to show up out of nowhere to comfort me.  They lasted for many rounds as I drove back and forth across the field.  Clouds often lose their shape quickly, but Sylphs will last a very long time, and you can feel a shift in your awareness when you are in their presence.  Your spirit will be lifted and you will be filled with a gentle sense of hope and a knowing of peace.  They are here to remind us that we are from love and peace, and that we are capable of returning to this state.


Many also believe that Sylphs are helping to transmute the harmful effects of chemtrails upon our Earth.


I often feel their presence during sunrises and sunsets, which is why I believe there is an old saying that states how "those who witness sunrises and sunsets will be especially blessed."


Now, more than ever, it is critical to our human Spirit that we reconnect with Nature and her loving Spirit.  That we interact and appreciate one another.  We were meant to live together in harmony.  


This Earth is a beautiful garden and we are blessed to have the opportunity to be here.




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