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Honouring the Soil

May 4, 2017


There is perhaps no pleasure on this Earth more simple and honest than the sensation of soft, warm soil upon bare feet.  Here in Manitoba, there is nothing quite like that first spring day when you finally shed shoes and socks and once again feel the Earth as you move across her.


My children were especially excited this year to plant the garden, and although it is still a little early, we decided to plant a few seeds, such as onions, potatoes, lettuce and spinach.


As we live our lives and move about our days, it can be easy to forget and honour the very ground that supports us and provides the foundation for our lives here.  Soil is it's own living and breathing entity, and often unbeknownst to us, there is an entire world of life happening within this "dirt."


Gardening, no matter the size, is a perfect way to encourage a relationship with the land, not only for us, but for our children as well.


Whenever I encounter an earthworm, I offer my thanks.  Earthworms are critical to healthy soil and often are not given their due appreciation.


So how do we offer our thanks, our blessing?  How do we know that Nature has heard us or understands what we are trying to convey?


Everything within Nature has a consciousness.  And therefore it has a vibration.  And every thought, feeling, and emotion has a vibration as well.


And the easiest way to align with the vibration of Nature is to be in a peaceful, loving, meditative state.  This state of awareness is within the present, Now moment.  This is where Nature operates from.  This includes plants, animals, the land, and all of the Nature Spirits and Elementals.


Breathing in for a count of 2 and exhaling for a count of 3 for a few minutes is an effective way to induce this state of awareness.  You can imagine "thank you, thank you" on the inhale, and "thank you, thank you, thank you" on the exhale.  And once you are there, breaths of equal length are sufficient.


And from this state, focusing upon your heart centre and the feeling of unconditional love is all that is needed. Unconditional love has no judgement, no expectation, and no conditions.  You are simply observing, loving, and accepting all that is for what it is.


This feeling, this offering of unconditional love, will ensure that Nature hears you and understands you.


Let the soil, the Spirit of the land, know how grateful you are for all that it provides.  You may also offer healing for things that have been done to it that were not what the land wanted. Let Mother Earth know that you are there to help in any way that you can, and to let you know if there is anything that she would like you to do.  Nature Spirits and Elementals are incredibly cooperative and easy to work with once it is understood that we are coming from a place of unconditional love.  You can convey to the soil of your garden what it is that you would like as well, because often Nature does not know what it is that we actually want from it.  We tend to operate from a vibrational state that is often not comprehensive to Nature.


Studies have proven that crops upon land that was healed and blessed provided a 30% increase in yields compared to land that wasn't.  And of course, it also had higher resistance to pests and diseases as well.


This proves that everything within the Universe performs much better when it feels loved unconditionally.


Blessings work for all beings of Nature, not just the soil or land.  So feel free to try it with plants and animals as well.


 As we planted, I told my kids the story that I had once read of how ancient cultures would sing as they planted to offer their blessings and encourage the seeds to grow.  It did not take long after this for me to hear them singing "let it grow" from the Lorax movie.  And I'm not sure what inspired these next choices, but they also went into "stand by me" and "seasons in the sun."


It has also been said that gardening should be done barefoot as that way we are directly communicating with the land.  Our energy interacts with that of the soil, and our body can communicate it's nutritional needs as well.


How inspiring to know that there is life everywhere, and there are opportunities to interact and communicate with Nature at all times.


These are not new concepts, just forgotten.


This wisdom lives within our cells, waiting to be awakened.


Moments after this picture of my children was taken, they stripped down to their undies and buried one another in the soil.  If that process doesn't ground you, I don't know what would!  (I'm grateful in those moments for our very private property :)


Thank you to the land for your constant, unconditional love and support.







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